Research & Development Solutions

Research and development studies are critical to a company’s growth. Therefore, R&D projects should be conducted on a regular basis. We can do any kind of R&D job you want thanks to our expert team. As a result, you will be able to effortlessly implement the most flawless R&D initiatives without any issues.

Filtering Solutions

Wedge wire screens are commonly used in a variety of applications. One of the most critical aspects of the project is the proper selection and adjustment of wedge wire filters. We provide you with unrestricted support and clear solutions for your projects.

Wedge Wire Screens

Our key goal is to be entirely dedicated to your initiatives, to finish the project you desire despite any obstacles you may face, and to set yourself apart from your competition. For this reason, we devote ourselves completely to your initiatives. With our experienced and eager engineers, we can address a wide range of difficulties.

Automation Solutions

We have superior working systems in automation technologies. In the automotive sector, we install automation systems that used in the paint process. We offer you the best solutions and unlimited support for these systems. In this way, we provide the automation you need in the most appropriate way. For this, our talented automation engineers are waiting for your projects and offers.

Ha-Tec Automation System GmbH

Project Management

Project Management Solutions

We place a high value on projects and want them to be flawless. It is necessary to oversee a project on a frequent basis if it is to be excellent. As a result, the project may turn out to be far better than anticipated. With our experienced staff, we can oversee a project from beginning to end.

Composite Solutions

Choosing the right composite material and designing the right product are important considerations in many applications. We can address any of your challenges thanks to our composite materials experts. We aim to provide all kinds of support for your production, process, R&D projects. It is your right to receive the best service possible for your composite projects, and we are happy to provide it.

We will continue to work until your project is the most flawless and unique project in accordance to your requirements, thanks to our endless assistance. With a team that never gives up on composites, exceptional quality, innovative design, endless technical support, and a low pricing, you will gain a significant competitive advantage over your competitors in your projects.